G20 - Seafoam Ltd. Edition
G20 - Seafoam Ltd. Edition
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Load image into Gallery viewer, G20 - Seafoam Ltd. Edition

G20 - Seafoam Ltd. Edition

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Sure, it looks good on a jewelry box, but it looks even better on an amp. Whether you're relaxing at the beach, drinking a $17 latte, or melting faces in your death metal band - seafoam green is the correct choice.

The G20 is the high-gain follow up to the world's first Two notes Torpedo-Embedded amplifier. This all-tube head has an optional reactive load for organic feel & tone when playing without a cab & hosts virtual cabinets onboard for direct recording, silent playing, & live performance without a microphone.

With D20 we set out to build an amp that not only has this new modern featureset but sounds incredible on its own as a standalone clean/crunch platform amplifier. Now the G20 brings you all of that functionality & tone + amazing fire-breathing gain built right in.

Read more to see what G20 can do for you. 

  • All tube. ~9lbs. 20 or 4 watt operation.

  • Crushing & Clear high gain tones developed with leading artist & producers.

  • Two notes reactive load & virtual cabinets built in.

  • 2 Channels, FX Loop, MIDI, & more.

  • Small amp – huge tones. The tone in your head, in an amp.

  • Traditional, cabless, or hybrid. Recording, live, & home. G20 has you covered.

Note on Two notes Torpedo Embedded Features:  The following onboard featureset of Torpedo is currently available: Choice of speakers, cabinet, mic, mic position, EQ, & reverb all onboard. However, by owning the Revv Virtual Cabinets included in the amp - you are entitled to a lifetime copy of the Wall of Sound Plugin if you register with Two notes, where you can not only purchase more cabinet/speaker combinations if you choose, but you can also access more features such as compression, exciter, and more in your DAW. 

Included Two notes Virtual Cabinets when you register your amp to your Two notes account, or create a new account when registering. (6 front-panel knob presets are custom Shawn Tubbs blends using Revv Virtual Cabinets). Please see their website for an in-depth description of each cabinet/speaker.

- Deluxe

- Brit VintC

- Eddie

- Green Tri

- Kerozen

- Revv 1x12 ET90

- Revv 2X12 Closed back

- Revv 4x12 Closed back

- SilverJen

- WattfanC

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